PROCESS of designing

contemporary, versatile designs applicable for all things stationary

​Step 1 / The brief

Let's me define and understand the   expectations of the project.

 The brief determines the vision and desired outcome.

​​​​Step 2 / Mood Board

 A picture is worth a thousand words. I use  mood boards to create that picture to highlight trends and styles.

Putting together  inspirational elements to flesh out ideas at the beginning of a project.​

​​​Step 3 / Sketches

Sketching ideas helps me  explore and explain concepts. 

To discover the best ideas and solutions to the brief.

​​​Step 4 / Colour Story

My colour story has been chosen for the purpose of creating a strong brand identity.

​​​Step 5/Pattern Creation Formula

Having a formula enables me to come end up with the same result each time a collection is created. 


The beauty of this is that it simplifies the process. I never have to spend a second wondering what route to take. This is especially important if one is creating a branded look.

​​​Step 6/Collection Complete

Once the collection is complete, it is presented in two ways. On a presentation page and then mocked up